Happy Valentine’s Day Blacker Style

I’ll keep this very short…and, of course, sweet being that today is somewhat about chocolate.

In our house we believe every day should be Valentine’s Day. I know, very sappy, but true. So we forego the flowers and chocolates as well as the overpriced dinner out and stick with a tradition that goes back to when my husband and I were dating.

Beth Blacker Valentine Menagerie

Our Valentine’s Day menagerie … please disregard the pots and pans in the background

Every year we each go out in search of the perfect new addition to what we call our Valentine menagerie. Surprisingly, we’ve never bought the same one for each other. They all play a song, some more current than others and each one has a somewhat unique movement…a lion opening and closing a cloak to Kool and The Gang’s “Ladies Night” or a gorilla jiggling to Pitbull’s “I Know You Want Me”.

For 360 days out the year they all reside on the plant shelf above the guest room closet, no doubt collecting a ton of dust. But for the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, they make their home on our kitchen counter and whenever we walk by them we inevitably push at least one of the buttons and do a little dance ourselves. What can I say?…We are easily amused and, I suppose, a little crazy.

So without further adieu, please help me welcome the 2015 additions to our menagerie…

Three guesses what the fox sings and the first two don’t count 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day however you choose to celebrate, but hopefully with a little skip in your step and a song in your heart.

That’s it for now… #Blackerout

P.S. Feel free to leave a comment below and share any of your Valentine’s Day traditions or favorite, maybe even crazy, memories.


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27 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day Blacker Style

  1. Carol Rundle

    I love this, Beth! Simple, tugs at the heart strings, puts a smile on your face! What better way to say I love you?


  2. What a fun idea! Wish I’d thought of it and started it when my hubby and I first got together.


  3. Meghan Monaghan

    Love the dog ears flapping to the beat! No Valentine’s Day tradition for us, but your story made me wish we had one.


  4. I love that you guys are so in love, that is the way it should be. Very refreshing.


  5. I don’t think that is corny at all.. and we SHOULD show love 365 days a year, not just one heavily overly marketed day where businesses increase the prices of flowers and chocolate! Love your idea.. that’s awesome!


  6. That is sooooo cute. We do the same thing for Christmas and it was fine until we got dogs. Now it drives them crazy and amuses us even more, hehe.


  7. You keep it real and full of fun. Joy and laughter is always good medicine. I know I’m going to at least smile when I read your comments. Thanks!!


  8. Barbara Kessler

    Adorable! What a fun tradition! So, am I silly to be wrestling with your challenge or is the fox’ song easier to guess than I was first thinking?
    My Guy?


  9. I love your Vday tradition! I’m with ya – celebrate it daily. My husband and I spent the day running errands together, which doesn’t sound romantic but for us, two busy people, it was a perfect day!


    • I think any time you and your significant other can spend time together you should try to make it fun and romantic unless of course, in my case, you are looking at RVs but that’s for another blog one day 🙂


  10. That’s a great tradition! I love it. We don’t do anything special. Normally I try to make heart shaped pancakes but this year I had to work 😢


  11. We have a bunch of those around Christmas time! My father in law buys them every year for my daughters! They Love em! No Valentine’s traditions here, every year has been different.


  12. What fun! Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂


  13. Love it! I think my husband would divorce me if I started collecting those! He hates all my Hallmark singing snowmen. lol


  14. Cute! What a great idea. Sure beats spending a ton of dough and it’s a lot more meaningful, too.


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