#ProudMama Moment … Score One For Higher Education !

Anyone who knows me, knows I have never been one of those moms that brags a lot about my kids, hovers over them like a helicopter or tell them “It’s ok, Mommy will take care of it.”

And I am admittedly a terrible soccer mom…seriously, after a dozen years of watching on the sidelines I still don’t understand when they get a corner vs. goal kick.. Inevitably whenever one of my kids scored or made a really great play I was talking to the mom or dad next to me.

But I ALWAYS remembered to turn the beaters off before letting my kids lick them…score one point for me!


Anyways, I am a realist and while I certainly wanted my kids to be kids and feel like the world could be at times simply filled with thoughts of rainbows and unicorns, I tried very hard throughout their “formative” years to teach them they were absolutely going to have to suffer through some skinned knees…literally and figuratively.  And trust me, I have, dare I say, “suffered” through the tears and fears right along side them.

But we all have managed to get to the point where my now 21 year old daughter and almost 18 year old son, are just fine. Well, at least by my definition of “fine”.

So call me crazy but when my daughter, now a junior in the Florida State Film School program, tells me that her documentary from last year, Earning Jenny, has won an award for editing at this past weekend’s Black Warrior Film Festival  at The University of Alabama, I’m very proud.

Proud Mama Alert

Couple the award with the fact that the documentary was featured last night at the National Federation of Temple Youth’s (NFTY) Biennial Conference  in Atlanta, I am literally gushing.  You see, I have history with the NFTY program so this is kind of a sentimental thing for me too. I was very involved as a high school teenager through my synagogue in Metro-Detroit and the experiences I had definitely helped shape..all religion aside…the person I am today.

When my daughter was in high school, she too became very involved in her temple youth group which included going to Camp Jenny 3 out of the 4 years of high school plus the past few years while in college. So yes, I’m proud that she took her experiences and turned them into something even bigger while in college.

It is, in my opinion (albeit a very motherly one) an awesome documentary about the Camp Jenny program, established in 1988, which provides 150 kindergarten through 5th grade students from the F.L. Stanton Elementary School in Atlanta the opportunity to literally earn throughout the school year 4 days of a camp experience at the URJ Camp Coleman property in the northern Georgia mountains every Memorial Day weekend. Some of these kids have never been outside of Atlanta let alone spend a weekend away from their parents. This is a really big deal and the kids work incredibly hard to get one of the very precious spots.

So while some may poo poo the costs vs. benefits of higher education these days, I am going to give it a big THUMBS UP … or at least for my daughter. She has totally earned it and it is my hope all of the children who earn Camp Jenny will go on to earn many more things too.

Earning Jenny on Vimeo

FYI…if you want to watch the video you will need to send me an email to receive the link and password. Sorry it is technically the property of the film school but trust me it is awesome and totally worth the 7 minutes of your time.

That’s all for now…#BlackerOut


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29 responses to “#ProudMama Moment … Score One For Higher Education !

  1. What an awesome opportunity! I was a theater major at Emory in Atlanta–I had no idea about camps like this!

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  2. That’s amazing! Congrats to you all!

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  3. Haha…I love that picture! My Momma always let me lick the beaters and the bowl. 🙂 Congrats to your daughter!! So cool!

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  4. Relating to this on a few levels. No mama is ever called crazy for being really proud of her kids accomplishments. Been there, done that and now feeling same about grandkids. Which brings me to our next connection. Our 2 oldest got into NFTY past few years and we can see how it has shaped them. Lastly, my discovery of “Faces of Courage” Camp for cancer victims & the successful online auction I co-sponsored. I loved camp & it helped shape my life, so needless to say, I Loved this post.

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    • It’s funny Roz, my daughter was slightly annoyed that I wrote this post. She thought I shouldn’t brag if the other parents don’t to which I responded I really don’t care what the other parents do or don’t do…I never have and I never will. And seriously? We have a NFTY connection? It is an amazing organization, again all religion aside. The relationships, education, social action opportunities and leadership skills gained are exceptional. And, Faces of Courage is another incredible non profit that offers a unique experience for kids that may not otherwise ever be able to have. Thanks for reading the post and for your comments, now and always.


  5. What a great program! I love that the kids have to earn the spots and so they really want to go and value what they will experiences. I’m with you on promoting higher education.

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    • It really does help them take ownership and responsibility Beth…and they require it of the parents too. It is part of how they decide who gets to go. The video explains it so if you’d like to watch it be sure to go sent a request via the contact form on this website.


  6. You have such a wicked sense of humour Beth. I love it! I have to admit that I didn’t know the difference between a corner and a goal kick (although I do now since checking out that link you gave). You’re absolutely right. You have to let kids be kids. There’s no point molly coddling them.

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  7. Carol Rundle

    I don’t think you’re crazy to be proud of your daughter. What a great accomplishment for her (and by extension, you)!

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  8. Wow that is amazing! And you’ve got every right to be a proud Mama… My daughters are 22 and 25 and like you I didn’t sugar coat anything for them while they were growing up and I know they are stronger because of it.

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    • We all have our own unique parenting styles and while my way worked for me, my kids may end up being totally different and that’s fine. Like I said, they have gotten to the age they have without any middle of the night phone calls to bail them out of jail so anything else I think I can pretty much handle 🙂


  9. This is fantastic Beth!! I’m feeling like a proud mama too now!

    You are an amazing person and mom!

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  10. Congratulations to your daughter, Beth! That is such a proud mama moment. Especially to know that despite all of the distractions college can offer, she has worked so diligently on this project and now receives accolades for it. How tremendous! I hope my daughter grows up to have the same drive. And yes, I agree, the cost of higher education (albeit expensive) is 100% worth it. We need to push our younger ones to yearn for that learning experience. There is so much growth that happens during that time, personally and intellectually. It’s essential!

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    • I agree Holly. I know these days college is not for everyone but if your child has a passion like my daughter and the university can nurture it in a setting where they also have a chance to grow into being an adult before officially entering into the real world and you can afford it whether self-funded or through loans and/or scholarships, higher education is still well worth it.


  11. First, I’m so proud of you and your daughter! What a great opportunity! I’m glad to learn about this program.
    Thanks for sharing!

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  12. That’s such fantastic news!! I can tell you are so proud, and you should be! Stopping by from the #TBB

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  13. How awesome! Cheers to your daughter on her great accomplishment and to you for doing something right! I’m sure you did much more than simply turning off the beaters. Way to go!


  14. Great story and inspiration. I am one of those moms who may be overbearing but as a single mom of two girls… it’s just who I am, but I have encouraged my girls to be active and loving girls… and call me crazy, but we sure do need more loving, caring kids out there… like yours, like mine! Great story… even if you forget to turn off the beaters first… heck, you told them first… not our fault they didn’t listen! LOL


  15. I promise I always turned off the beaters first Kristen 🙂 And I highly doubt you were overbearing Kristen. I get being a single mom and the challenges trust me so whatever it takes to raise our kids to be loving and caring it’s all good.


  16. How wonderful! Brag away, mama!

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