It’s Just Another #ManicMonday…Making Networking and Relationship Building Part Of Every Day

Yep, it is just another manic Monday around here. And as I look at my calendar, my head is spinning. But it’s all good, I can keep it under control like I always do with the help of a bazillion reminders popping up on my phone and computer.  That assumes, of course, I put all of the events on my calendar in the first place. Hey, it happens to the best of us.

I’m actually heading to LA on Tuesday to spend a few days with some childhood friends that are sprinkled around the metropolitan area and then celebrate my nephew’s Bar Mitzvah over the weekend. I worked all weekend writing a few blogs, planning out some social media content and, yes, even went into Quickbooks to balance my accounts. Seriously, hasn’t anyone created a way for that to happen automatically?

Oh wait, it’s called outsourcing….

hire a va

Hopefully after a few meetings and running a bunch of errands, I will be home at a reasonable time to pack and be out the door at the crack of OMG o’thirty tomorrow morning. Somebody please promise me one day there will be a way to transport ourselves across the country in the blink of an eye and we no longer need to take early am flights!!!

Anyway, when I first started all of this current craziness (this website and Facebook community page),  I wanted to continue my passion for helping other businesses and organizations grow and succeed, something I had cultivated through my previous craziness while running my baked goods company, tcP! Sweets.

My "Killer" Brownie Bites

My “Killer” Brownie Bites

Many of you who followed me on that journey (or maybe even read the About page on this website) know that I networked my tushy off over the past 3 years building up a lot of recognition and credibility. And you may be surprised to hear I was able to do it by introducing myself a lot of times as a “networking slut”.

Did I mention you can call me crazy?

What can I say, I love connecting with people and I fully embrace every opportunity online and face to face. And I always want people to know that what they see is exactly what they get with me. I don’t think I ever go over the line by being offensive, I just like to keep it real.

In social media expert Kim Garst’s  new book, Will The Real You Please Stand Up, she focuses on how we all need to recognize in the world today how important it is to be authentic or, using her now trending hashtag, #BeYou.  I  happen to be a big fan of Kim so I may be a little biased when I say that she totally nails the whole “being real” thing in this book.

I choose to believe I live by her words in the image above every day. I am extremely enthusiastic about my message and truly hope that whatever it is I do throughout the days, weeks, months and years will inspire and influence others. Probably not in a Mother Teresa or Gloria Steinem way but hopefully still have some degree of an impact in my spheres of influence.

I touched on my, dare I say, obsession with networking and relationship building in a lot of tcP! blogs especially this one about my local “tribe”.

Hanging with my "tribe"

Hanging with my TBBO “tribe” at a piano bar on a marketing cruise in 2014…we totally rocked it!

At the risk of repeating myself from the past, let me just say I am very fortunate to have met some pretty incredible people here in Tampa Bay as well as around the world via all of the social media connections I’ve made but, trust me, it took a lot of work. The rewards, however, have been tremendous.

Most importantly, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now transitioning relatively seamlessly to my new venture as a Business Ambassador.

A what??????

Well, for those that don’t have the time, inclination or wherewithal to network  in a way that truly gains and maintains clients, I will be that person for a handful of small business owners in Tampa Bay.  Yep, more networking my tushy off 🙂 But my role as their ambassador, envoy, emissary, advocate, whatever you want to call it will go well beyond handing out a bunch of business cards at events.

Call Me Crazy Calling Card

It will be about cultivating relationships that will translate to business. And maybe not even with the other business owner I am sitting across the table from having coffee with. Let’s face it…not every business owner you meet will need to do business with you, but you never know who they know that will, right?

So yes, call me crazy, but despite all of the SEO, lead generation, social media, blogging, podcasting, webinars, emails and, yes, direct mail marketing small business owners do to get their name out there, there is always going to be a need to sit down face to face and have a conversation. My recommendation? Always make those conversations more about each other than about your businesses, especially in the beginning of building a relationship. People want to do business with the real you. If they don’t, then do you really want to do business with them?

That’s all for now…#BlackerOut !




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19 responses to “It’s Just Another #ManicMonday…Making Networking and Relationship Building Part Of Every Day

  1. Cooperative Capitalism at its best. It’s easy to hand out cards and give a 30 sec elevator speech…not so easy to have a short quality conversation with people you meet at networking events. I have to say that when I take the time to really get to know just one or two people at an event vs collecting a zillion business cards, I remember names, refer business and most of all I am always surprised at all the intersections our lives have in common!


  2. Have a great time in LA, my favorite city! Looking forward to playing in the future.


  3. I hope you’re having a fantastic time with your friends. 🙂 L.A. may not be the ideal city but at least it’s not snowing, right? So there’s that.


    • I’m having a great time Flower! And you are so right about the weather…it has been gorgeous. Then again, coming from Florida I just switched being on the Gulf to the Pacific for a few days 🙂 Hope you’re having a great week.


  4. Loved this post. It really let me get to know you a little more and I see lots of similarities between us. Fans of Kim Garst, networking girls, and working hard to build a name and traction in our business. Go you!


  5. #BlackOut, you are TOO FUNNY! You are such a social butterfly and as you mentioned, our business community in Tampa Bay is pretty sweet. It’s a rather small circle to run with and building those lasting, positive impressions is extremely worthwhile.

    P.S. Every time I see your brownie bites I drool a little. How could those be real?! You make me hungry…

    P.S. Part 2. Have an excellent time in LA and fly safely!

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  6. Have I told you lately that I love you? You certainly exemplify the whole “real” thing. Big hugs and I hope you have a wonderful time visiting with your friends and at the bar mitzvah. If anyone deserves it, it’s you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwww…that is soooooo sweet Jackie…thanks! Even though I said I would go off the grid for the week, I had a little down time to do just a little catch up so I wanted to make sure I responded to you. Have a great weekend!!!!


  7. I might miss the chocolate images but love the crazy maybe. You just never know what you will start talking about. How 1 thought leads to another, so maybe there is a bit of great crazy that works.

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  8. Most excellent crazy Blacker lady! Love it… I network my tosh off too and btw, I loved how you mentioned SEO first… you must have recently read my blog? Kidding, it isn’t about me… it’s about our consumers and how we can help other businesses… giver’s gain, that’s how it works.. it has to be about creating lasting relationships… not tossing out biz cards. Well done crazy lady! 😉

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  9. Love your article. It is very beneficial for those who are engaged in networking and relationship building. Worth sharing for!

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