Out of Focus?…Cut Yourself Some Lack of Productivity Slack!

I woke up this morning and realized it was Wednesday and I hadn’t given any thought nor written one word for a blog this week. Normally I keep a list of different things that I read about or experience first hand that strike a chord but I guess this past week nothing really stood out.

In a world with news streaming live 24/7 and social media making sure we don’t miss a single photo of video of anything, can I really say that?…out loud?

No, truth be told I feel like I’ve been a little scattered lately and my focus is way off.

I mean waaaaaaaaaaay off.

I honestly don’t know what the problem. It could be as simple as the fact that my favorite yoga instructor left the studio I’ve been going to for years and that’s thrown me completely out of balance. If you have never done yoga, I promise you this is kind of a big deal.

Costa Rica Summer 2013 Yoga Retreat when I apparently was more in balance

This is me in balance

Or maybe I’ve just had a little too much fun celebrating with family and friends the past month? We’ve had three weeks in a row consisting of 4 different life cycle events, two of which required travel to LA and Tallahassee in the same week.

Rocking it out at a family Bar Mitzvah

Rocking it out at a family Bar Mitzvah

Or could it be that when you have to spend what seems like an inordinate amount of time on the phone taking care of non-business related things (like dealing with a doctor’s office who lost all of the paperwork you filled out months ago after an auto accident requesting information sent from another doctor’s office to be able to accurately submit a report for an insurance claim…seriously?), your focus has to be on those personal matters.

Or could it be I am just not feeling “it”?


Whatever the reason, the thing I have realized is the more I fight it or stress about it obviously the worse it gets. I honestly don’t remember ever feeling this way for an extended period of time when I worked for anyone else. Maybe it was the fear of losing my job that kept me from getting off task for too long? But shouldn’t that hold true for being an entrepreneur too? I may not technically lose my job but I will certainly lose business or even go out of business if I can’t deliver what I’ve promised to clients.

Ahhhhhhhhh…wait…there it is. I don’t have clients that I am actually working for yet.

Well, that’s not true…I have continued to help with the marketing and community outreach for my husband’s company (insert shameless plug for OJ Mortgage…hey, why not right? After another brutal winter up north, there are lots of people ready to move to Florida and will need an honest and trustworthy mortgage resource…if I do say so myself).

So when I am not out and about in the community on OJ’s behalf or promoting them online, I have spent my time since the beginning of the year researching and working on the structure of my new business to try to do exactly what I’ve been doing for OJ in a much more efficient and streamlined manor for a handful of other small business owners.

The past week or two, though, I’ve just sort of lost track of where I am at and where I’m going.  I know I’ll get back to whence I came or move forward in the direction I need to be but for right now…call me crazy…if there is one thing I hope I’ve learned by the age of 52, it won’t do me any good to beat myself up over a few less than productive days. In fact, there is tons of research supporting the need every once in awhile for taking giant steps back and peeling back the layers of our so called life “onion” as to why any of us go through these unfocused, unproductive times so we can actually leap ahead.

It’s called getting clarity.

And on that note, I think I am going to cut myself some slack and go find a new yoga teacher to start to restore a little balance and bring things back into focus.

That’s it for now…#BlackerOut

This is me not so balanced!

This is me not so balanced!




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19 responses to “Out of Focus?…Cut Yourself Some Lack of Productivity Slack!

  1. There certainly are times when I don’t feel like I’m on track and occasionally that means struggling to complete a blog post on time. I hope you find a great new Yoga teacher.

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    • I know I’m not unique in this situation Beth…I just think many people tend to go to extremes either beating themselves up or not taking any ownership at all for the lack of focus and productivity at times. It’s definitely all about balance so yes, I hope I find a new yoga teacher soon too 🙂


  2. hollyjeantampa

    Girl you hit the nail on the head. We can only be SO organized. When we aren’t, it’s usually because we are too busy enjoying life, doing activities, etc. And heck, I don’t see what’s so wrong about that?! I life and breathe my business, but I do the same for my family and fun time. I treasure those moments. And if I have to shift my to-do list, I will. This also highlights the value of having a VA or someone to outsource things to. That way if my brain is fried, hers can take over LOL

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  3. Loved this Beth… you are crazy and that’s okay, me too. I know the feeling though as every one little non-biz related thing I have to do ends up with like 3 other steps or on hold for like an hour, or follow up calls… and then, just having all of these ideas and great things I should/want/need to do for my biz, but haven’t found the extra time yet.. so it’s not a priority yet… but my point.. it’s okay, life happens! Hang in there girl!

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  4. Your blogs are so much fun. And authentic. Now that you got this out of your system, things will work itself out or through & you will be on your way to wherever you need to be going.

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  5. I hear you. Had the same lack of focus myself lately. Maybe it is something in the stars 🙂 Good luck getting back on track – it’ll happen before you know it

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  6. Hi Beth and I love reading your blog. Just want to say that TapSnap 1018 will be taking fun photos for “Power Story” Saturday night and we are so excited to be part of such an awesome event. Look forward to seeing and having a great time!


  7. Do you know that I hate to-do lists? It’s true! (But they are necessary!) I didn’t realize you were involved with Powerstories Theatre! I know Nicole!!! 🙂


    • I actually am fine with to-do lists Lora…I don’t know any other way of staying organized. I’m old fashioned though…I have them on paper. Otherwise, I tend to miss the electronic reminders or put them off for another time. The paper stares at me all day 🙂 And Powerstories is amazing…I met Fran Powers, the founder when I started my baked goods company in 2011 and have tried to volunteer or contribute any way I can ever since. I wish there were programs like it throughout the US…which they are working on. That is why the annual Gala is so important!


  8. I could totally relate to this post. Some days just escape me and other days I’m on it like white on rice. So true about taking steps back and refocusing to move forward. Visiting from #FridaySharefest 😉


  9. I’ve been trying so hard to find my balance since I returned to work full-time out of the home back in mid-November. Just as it seems I find my balance, something happens that throws me off…..like my son breaking his leg. It’s never ending. Stopping by from the #FridaySharefest


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