Technology IS The Devil…And The Reason For Vodka!

In the past few weeks I have gone through a technology meltdown. And that means I drank a lot of vodka. Hey, don’t judge…we all have our vices. Mine just happens to be something with a splash of cranberry juice.

So what drove me to drink? My computer, cell phone and two tablets all acting wonky, not to mention the Bluetooth in my car for whatever reason pairing my cell phone for calls but not media. I know, that’s not an end of the world problem but I use my time in the car to catch up on podcasts about business related stuff. (My favorite you ask? Biz Women Rock)

Fortunately, I have a great computer guy who got my laptop back to “I can tolerate this” status. I don’t expect miracles, but I do think it still deserves a shoutout for Carlos and Ivonne at Fix My Computer On Site here in Tampa. Contact them…seriously, they will not disappoint. They didn’t pay me for this endorsement, I just think they are really awesome.thumbs up

My phone carrier and car dealership…well, that’s a different story. No reason to even mention any names…the last time I did that I got banned from an entire cruise line.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not afraid to name names, I just feel like what’s the point? When it comes to technology, all manufacturers and service providers, in my opinion, are the devil and we have all sold our souls to them by constantly buying their products and signing up for their services.

technology devil

So call me crazy but…I hate technology. That said, I know it is a necessary evil in our lives and we’ll never be able to turn back the hands of Steve Jobs time on this earth… may he RIP. But when things seem to be temporarily (fingers crossed) hurting more than helping, I have to stop and rant take a breath.

Easier said than done especially after spending 3 hours at the dealership and 5 hours at the phone carrier tech support center over the span of 2 days plus about 2 hours back and forth on the phone with customer service calls. Oh and everyone was pointing the finger at each other so, yeah, that is always fun.

Truth be told, I have no one to blame but myself. I am way too reliant on all of this stuff and I think I want out

…as I sit here typing this blog

…on my laptop

…that I’ll then upload to my website

…using Wifi

…and disseminate across social media channels

…undoubtedly via mobile devices


Honestly, what’s a girl mature woman person to do? I mean is it really too much to ask that if I spend hundreds of dollars on a device or thousands of dollars on a car that they work properly?


I haven’t resolved my tablets issues…more than likely I will have to bite the bullet and get another one. I can understand, sort of, replacing the one that’s 3 1/2 years old. It’s slow, painfully slow, and although I am relatively certain that the powers that be in Silicon Valley and across Asia are laughing their corporate tushies off all the way to the bank, I guess this is the price I will have to pay for going down the technology rabbit hole again and again and again.

The other tablet? That was kind of a freebie when I switched carriers last year so I’m trying not to stress about that one. But still…I need to “wipe the cache partition” whatever that means. I tried following the instructions for doing it via a Google search but pressing MENU+VOLUME UP+POWER all at the same time requires, as one of my friends commented, #octopushands.#octopushands

Meanwhile, the phone – Bluetooth pairing issue? Well, that all started because I thought my former phone screen had cracked and I replaced it using my insurance policy.

Note to self: If your phone has a protective hard plastic clear cover it will, believe it or not, actually protect your phone screen. Good idea to check that’s what cracked before paying the $100 deductible for a new phone.


Anyway, the new phone was an upgrade so bigger, faster, better, right?

Sure, but apparently only if you get a new car to go with it…or maybe the user just doesn’t know what she is doing???

I stopped at the dealership and asked if they could just pair it back up. There must be a step I was forgetting.

The old phone Bluetooth pairing worked just fine but the car dealership guy said it had to be a new phone issue and sent me to the phone carrier tech support center. They supposedly tried everything and deduced that the car’s Bluetooth software needed an update and sent me back to the dealership.


The car dealership looked at me like I had 8 heads when I walked in again and told them what the phone carrier said.  Hey, I already need 8 arms so maybe 8 heads will be the answer to my technology woes?

They took the keys and about 2 hours later had me go out to the area where 100 other cars were being serviced, lowered my car down on the lift thingy, told me to get in the driver’s seat and the car tech got into the passenger seat. He wanted to show me that his phone paired fine.

Ummmm…so how exactly does that help me?

After sitting out in a very hot garage for about 45 minutes with the guy pushing a bunch of buttons,  nothing was coming out of my phone through the car speakers. My makeup was melting off my face and I was sweating through my carefully chosen dress for an event that I was attending that afternoon. I was done, reminding myself that my car lease is up this summer and this problem will hopefully resolve itself when I do, in fact, spend thousands getting a new car. Crazy Lady v Goliaths

I left the dealership and about a mile later there was sound coming from my car speakers via my phone Bluetooth connection.

Don’t know how, don’t really care. I just went home and poured myself a vodka on the rocks to celebrate a small success for the day and maybe earning 1 or 2 points on the scoreboard of #firstworldproblems.

That’s it for now…#BlackerOut !


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35 responses to “Technology IS The Devil…And The Reason For Vodka!

  1. Margy

    I tell you my computers been going out left to right. I went through 3 laptops and a Chromebook. I just don’t know what to do anymore. At the present I’m working on a phone and tablet until I decide what’s next.

    Technology is more costly when they crashing out a lot

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  2. I probably shouldn’t say it but I love your blogs and resolve dealing with giants, technology, etc. You do make me laugh- cause I never see the humor in my own technology glitches.I pinned this & hope many read it. I am inspired by your resolve.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, I just feel like the world is rather insane Roz and until we all fight back a little, we really can’t complain. I am tenacious that is for sure but definitely with a sense of humor as often as possible. Thanks so much for sharing my blog…it really means a lot!


  3. After moving to AZ with my car purchased in CA, I took it to the dealer who sells that kind of car. It’s a Mazda Miata. After the oil change, it leaked oil and so I took it back. The mechanic who worked on it announced that it was the car’s fault because it’s a bad design. And they sell those cars. That was the last time I went there. I have an independent mechanic now who shows my little car respect and care!

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    • My car is under a lease and therefore I kind of have to take it to the dealership to maintain the warranty. Next car we are buying so I will definitely be looking to find an independent service technician. Dealing with the BIG GUYS is just too much of a hassle!


  4. HA!! Awesome post… I’m Tech Support for WishList Products and I have so much trouble with ‘technology’ in general. I believe devices should last WAY longer than they actually do, but … the companies make money that way. 🙂 Like whoever I buy my next laptop from as mine is on its last leg. Urrr.

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  5. Nothing can push somebody to drink faster than bad technology. It’s so frustrating when we do everything right and the darn thing doesn’t work. Have you ever seen a laptop fly? They fly very well, but landings are fatal. 🙂

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  6. Love your humour in the face of technology meltdown! I can relate and get supper frustrated each and every time, myself. Not sure if you know about “mercury retrograde”, which happens generally 4 times a year, and known as the time to have all technology and communication breakdown. Seems your experiences are pre-retrograde this time, as it starts again (for about three weeks) on May 18th. What are we to do if we want to stay tuned in and turned on and connected? That is also a rhetorical question. Thanks for the laughs and the on target observations of our human condition in a world where gadgets and technology seem to rule! Great post, Beth!

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  7. Ahaha a great post! And I recognize myself when the tech stuff, computer, smartphone etc., start acting out and you do not understand a thingy there. So you were right to go pull yourself a vodka…me I stick to wine. All the same…just to relax..:-)

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  8. carundle

    Oh, man, Beth, I hear you. I bought a new computer in January. My loving husband decided to be helpful and completely erased (gone forever!) every single file I had created since 1994. Then we discovered the new computer had come complete with malware. Well, the seller of the computer told us that was our problem, not theirs. So it got sent off to a warranty place(that we had through our TV service!). It arrived back damaged. So it got sent off again. In the meantime, I went through a jillion configurations of Outlook and lost lots of emails in addition to all my files. Oh, and I lost all my photos because, silly me, I thought a Google drive was in the cloud, so why did I need what was on my hard drive?

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  9. meghanmonaghan1

    Always a pleasure reading your posts Beth! Your authentic you definitely shows–and that’s a compliment. I consider technology a double-edged sword. In many ways it’s so amazing and afforded us opportunity we would not have had without it. On the flip side, it can be so absolutely aggravating. Luckily I live with tech support in the form of my hubs. Without him, I’d be in serious tech trouble.

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  10. Kristy Klenk

    I can so relate! I am sorry for your ‘pain’ and the heat stroke sitting in a hot garage for 45 minutes. I had to give up my iPad for 3 days so a coworker could use it for checking in guests at an event and I felt like I’d lost an arm! Wow, we are hooked on technology!

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  11. If all my tech wigged out on me like that, I would absolutely FREAK.THE. BLANKITY-BLANK. OUT!!!
    I don’t judge you on the vodka. Girl, do what you gotta, to cope! Hahaha :-p

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  12. You “had me at Vodka” Beth!!! Love your humor and ability to share information by making us laugh. You go!!!

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  13. Great! Everyone has atleast one day like this from time to time, you handled it well!

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  14. Poor baby! No wonder you drink! I would, too, under those circumstances. Some days, if it’s not one thing, it’s another, right? And as aggravating as technology can be, there’s no use getting our bowels in an uproar over things that we can’t control. Pass the vodka. 😉


  15. I know exactly how you feel. Between slow internet at times and my kids clicking something to mess up one of the computers in the house (thus why they aren’t allowed near mine) etc. It all makes me crazy,

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  16. OMgosh … someone who gets my pain! Last week – 3 computers … Computers-3, Kat-0

    I didn’t understand how I could have so many issues in such a short time – I figured I was extremely talented or something … but now I think it must the crazy thing 😉

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  17. GIRL! You are speaking my language.. with the technology AND the vodka.. I prefer flavored vodka with some sugar free koolaid or a margarita.. or heck some Sailor Jerry and diet… but hey, I won’t discriminate with alcohol… anywhoooooo.. technology IS the devil… I swear, I have to spend all day on it and every time I turn around, something it wrong or not working right and like cars… it could be this, or that, but not sure… so let’s keep putting band aids on it until we have to replace it. URGH!


  18. Vicky

    I know how you feel. I had some issues with technology recently and it drives me crazy too.


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